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Become more confident with
12-lead ECG interpretation.


Helping STEMI Systems

Increase appropriate activation.
Reduce STEMI overcall.

A 3-minute video on the real-world challenges of accurate Cath lab activation and how we can help!

Tim Phalen

For 25 years, Tim’s full-time occupation has been to provide 12-lead electrocardiography eduction.

The things that have allowed him to stay in demand are:

His ability to make the seemingly complex easily understandable.

Sharing an approach to critical thinking that works, even at 2:00AM on a double shift.

He cares and it shows. It’s obvious that Tim genuinely wants every participant to be more comfortable and confident with 12-lead ECGs.

That and having a little fun along he way!

Want to contact Tim or submit an ECG?

Let’s Zoom about ECGs and STEMI!

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  • 9Getting a clean ECG in the real world
  • 9Essentials of STEMI recognition
  • 9Managing the STEMI impostors: Part I
  • 9Managing the STEMI impostors: Part II
  • 9Activation without ST elevation? The STEMI equivalents
  • 9The 15 and 18 lead ECG
  • 9AV block in STEMI
  • 912-Leads for EMTs
  • 9Capnography: The essentials
  • 9Capnography: Beyond the basics

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In-Person Workshops

Traveling to your location and providing in-person workshops is what we have done for 25 years.

For now, however, that has been put on hold until we clear this necessary time of social distancing. When it is once again safe, we look forward to working with your team at your location.

While no one knows when that time will be, we are penciling in speaking opportunities for the fall of 2020. No commitment or deposit required. We are only getting some potential classes queued up for when meeting in-person will again be safe.

Get more information about In-Person Workshops or contact us to pencil in potential dates

E-Learning Courses

There is no substitute for in-person learning, but e-learning does have some advantages. Our first e-learning course was a big success. We had three states adopt it, and we rolled it out to over 10,000 healthcare providers…all that in the first month!

But much has changed since we developed that program. And so has the level of expectation for accurate STEMI recognition and Cath lab activation. So it’s time for an all-new program!

We are creating our new e-learning program right now! The expected release is in the summer of 2020.

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