Helping You

Become more confident with
12-lead ECG interpretation.


Helping STEMI Systems

Increase appropriate activation.
Decrease STEMI overcall.

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Tim Phalen

For almost 30 years, Tim’s full-time focus has been helping individuals and STEMI systems .

The things that people most appreciate about Tim are:

His ability to make the seemingly complex easily understandable.

His model for critical thinking that works, even at 2:00 AM on a double shift.

He cares and it shows. It’s obvious that Tim genuinely wants every participant to become more comfortable and confident

 Let Tim be YOUR guide!

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  • 9Getting a clean ECG in the real world
  • 9Essentials of STEMI recognition
  • 9Managing the STEMI impostors: Part I
  • 9Managing the STEMI impostors: Part II
  • 9Obstructive Myocardial Infarction (OMI)
  • 9The 15 and 18 lead ECG
  • 9AV block in STEMI
  • 912-Leads for EMTs
  • 9Capnography: The essentials
  • 9Capnography: Beyond the basics

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STEMI MasterClass

Traveling to your location and providing in-person workshops to your team is what Tim has done for almost 30 years.

Over those decades, the expectation for paramedics and nurses working in a STEMI system has increased dramatically! And Tim has always tried to design his program to meet the current need and help participants take the next step.

That’s why Tim created the STEMI MasterClass. It is built from the ground up to meet the twin goals:

Increase correct STEMI Identification

Decrease STEMI overcall. 

There are two levels to this MasterClass. Both levels provide strategies that work in the real world that you can use today!

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STEMI Masterclass


Tim’s first e-learning course was a big success. Three states adopted it, and over 10,000 healthcare providers enrolled…all that in the first month!

But, much has changed since then. The current level of expectation for paramedics and nurses functioning with a STEMI system has increased dramatically. So, it’s time for an all-new program! It’s now time for the STEMI Masterclass!

The Masterclass has two levels. Tim is currently piloting Level I, and you have the opportunity to access the pilot program at a significant discount! The final-release version will list for $179, but you can access the pilot today for just $89!

This CE activity is accredited for 4 Cardiology CEH by ResponderCast, an organization accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education.

Click the email link below to receive instructions on accessing the STEMI MasterClass Level I pilot.